Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coming back

I'm back, there was far to much going on for me to handle, there still is but it is getting better. I still haven't found the camera's battery charger, and the scanner probably won't be operational for another week or two, but I'm making progress again. The change in seasons, and medications, have helped.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sorry today. There is no "real" post. There was supposed to be a new self portrait drawing, and the first two panels of a graphic story. I outlined and did the rough script for the story Tuesday morning, then things took a turn for the worse. I wound up playing phone tag with several local agencies trying to get appointments to see a therapist or psychiatrist. Long waiting lists. Still trying to get private referrals.

I had a rather unpleasant experience Tuesday which may be a breach of trust or merely a misunderstanding. I'm trying very hard not to think the worst. My body reacted anyway, nausea, cramps, tightness in my chest and a really bad tic storm that kept me up most of the night, I was calmer this morning but crashed the whole afternoon. No real work done. Still can't get to the buried drawing board.

I'll try again tomorrow, I hope to have some personal issues resolved and a functioning drawing board;) Oh, and to get the copy lights and tripod out so I can actually shoot the images.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

I was told today, by a friend I trust in such matters, that I need to let go of the past and start moving forward. She of course is right, and yet I don't know quite how to do that. I need to move on, that is certain, starting this blog is part of that, what I don't know is how much of my past I can afford to leave behind, and whether some still needs revisiting.
I said I would have a blog up this weekend, I'm keeping to that commitment. My studio space is a disaster, it has been a disaster for months, scanner and Wacom pad in storage, copy camera set up--not set up, I can't even locate the battery charger for the camera. I have a backlog of material to catalogue, and I haven't really been working on anything new since before last summer's injury. Still, I'm here. I will be adding material to make this a worthwhile project for me, and any viewers who might find it, at least twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Thank you for indulging me.